What is a French Drain?

A French Drain is an exterior drainage system that helps divert water from the house during sewer backups or groundwater leakages. Essentially, the system prevents moisture from building up inside by pumping out surface water and managing groundwater coming into contact with the surface area of your foundation. The French Drain system is a trench with perforated pipe. The purpose of the trenches is to divert the surface water and groundwater away from the house foundation. Water is channeled away to places where it won’t cause any damage.

How To Install French Drain

1. Mark the Location of the French Drain:

It is important to note that this needs to be installed as far away as possible from your home’s foundation. You may need to excavate a lot of dirt to lay out trenches. While doing this, ensure they are close enough to each other, or they might overflow with drainage water. You need around eight inches between them to allow water movement.

2. Excavate for the French Drain:

You will need to dig trenches to place your French Drain in it. You can use a shovel to do this. Try avoiding disturbing your foundation if possible. It is to protect your home from any potential damage that may happen if there is soil erosion, so you need to ensure the contours of your French Drain are close to the ground level.

3. Place Perforated Pipe into Trenches:

Place the perforated pipe into each trench using a post-pounder hammer and a guiding stake. It is done carefully and should be placed as deep into the ground as possible.

4. Place Drainage Materials into Trenches:

You can do this by piling it into a mound or using a hoe to spread it. It prevents moisture buildup and ensures it’s not directly under your French Drain.

5. Backfill Trenches:

It also requires backfilling with soil and ridding of any organic materials like weeds, grass, and any roots. It would help if you left around a foot of space between the bottom of your trench and the surface area of your soil. The area should be level at all times.

Water from the French Drain is still being collected but appropriately handled. There are many other uses of the French Drain system, which can be used in various ways. It is a very efficient method for straightforwardly fixing several issues around your home foundation. It is a method that anyone in just a short period can install. It does not require the use of chemicals or technology. Saving money is always good, and there’s no reason why you can’t have your own orderly French Drain system to take care of any issues.